Bolton Payment Token

Bolton Coin is a cryptographic token that is built on the Ethereum network according to the ERC20 standard for tokens.

Crypto Assets, such as cryptocurrencies, and most recently Security Tokens and Asset-Backed Tokens, have surged in popularity and investor interest. While cryptocurrencies bear a promise perhaps as profound as the Internet itself, they suffer from substantial price volatility, thereby hindering their use as a medium of exchange and unit of account – two of the three func-tions of money.

One proposed solution is the creation of a stable val-ue coin (often called a “stablecoin”), whereby an issuer distributes a cryptographic token to customers in ex-change for a specified fiat currency, like the Euro, at a fixed 1:1 exchange rate.

A second solution is to issue Security Tokens. Security tokens are cryptographic tokens that confer some sort of rights to the token holders, such as payment of dividends, share profits, a portion of ownership in income generating assets, voting rights, etc. Basically, a traditional ‘security’ instrument that has been tokenized, such as shares of a company, corporate bonds, rights to ownership as represented by an Bolton Payment Tokenoption, etc.

Another solution is to issue Asset-Backed Tokens, with commodities such as gold, diamonds, and oil being tokenised. Other illiquid assets are being tokenized as well, such as property, art, rare-earth commodities, etc.

Bolton Holding Group has decided to issue its own Pay-ment Token – Bolton Coin – and structure its Corporate In-vestment Program Solutions by combining the benefits of all of the above-mentioned structures in order to bring the best possible combination to the market.

Our Investment Solutions Programme is structured as a traditional Corporate Bond and Shariah compliant Sukuk offering that is very well understood by the finan-cial industry and by investors at large. For participants in the Investment Programme, Bolton Holding Group guarantees repurchase of the Bolton Coin at 0.9 Euros per token, thus ensuring that the downside is protected while upside (increase in the Bolton Coin price) is for the investor to capitalize on.

This Guarantee is backed by the 1.6 billion GBP of Assets of Bolton Holding Group, consisting of rare-earth commodities, precious stones and metals, as well as Government Bonds.

Blockchain is the future and it is already disrupting many industries. Banking and Financial Services industry is full of friction, inefficiencies, intermediaries and not secure due to its centralised design. Its is ripe for disruption!

And Blockchain is already creating seamless, frictionless and secure operations minimising intermediaries. We, at Bolton Holding Group are taking it further. Join the future!

Eventually everything will be tokenised on a blockchain. Just like paper shares gradu-ally became entries in a company registrar’s database, just like cash and coins in our wallets became entries in a bank’s ledger.

Now, moving assets onto a decentralised ledger is simply the next step in our digital evolution. There is no going back!

Features and Benefits
of the Bolton Payment Token

Bolton Coin is a payment token with the following utility: