BOLTON HOLDING LTDHead-Quartered in the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with an operational of-fice in Business Bay (Dubai) and operational offices in 14 other jurisdictions.

As of February 2019, the team consists of 35 full-time professionals from multiple disciplines, in-cluding commodities mining and trading, financial services, Blockchain & AI, cryptocurrencies mining, finance, as well as legal & regulatory.

Proven track record in financial services, and gold, diamonds & rare-earth commodities mining and trading, with the associated licenses in place. We hold several financial services related licenses from various jurisdictions.

In August 2018, we issued a blockchain native digital payment token – Bolton Coin (BFCL), that is a payment utility token used within our Group’s businesses.

Late 2018, we received a pre-approval for a Bank-ing license from the UAE authorities.

Beginning 2019, we acquired a diamond conces-sion in Angola – Tchegi, several more concessions are under negotiations with various governments

In 2019, we launched Bolton Foundation, a Not-For-Profit Blockchain enabled Foundation, which aims to educate children all over the world, focus-es on the economic empowerment of women and supports projects which reverse environmental damage.